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Cybersecurity MGMT, Laws & Ethics (CBCI 3300)

Term: 2023-2024 Academic Year Fall


Marshall Lloyd
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Benson Kariuki

Office Hours

  • Start Date: August 10, 2020  8:00AM
  • End Date: Nov 20 2020 5:00PM
  • Remote Meeting: Live ZOOM Meeting on Tuesday, 1:00 PM
  • Other Teaching Platform:  Online
  • Telephone (903) 730-4890 Ext 2115
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This course exposes the principles of laws and ethics standards concerning cybersecurity and cyber-crime, legal impact affecting law enforcement, corporations, investigators preservation, collection, and analysis of digital data. Also, the course teaches how to examine computer crime laws, civil and criminal laws such as electronic evidence, research, and seizure of electronic evidence, judicial issues involving the admissibility of electronic evidence and related testimony in court, Prerequisites: CBCI-2320 and CBCI-2333.